The Swedish furniture company IKEA has approximately 76,000 employees in 43 countries throughout the world. Currently there are 33 branches in Germany with a total staff of 10,000 employees. With a share of 20% in the company’s total sales, Germany tops the list of countries with the highest turnover.

Communicative support of the Swedish furnishing house IKEA with its 65,000 employees worldwide and 143 branch operations in 22 countries, during the process of establishment of new locations. For the first time, heller & partner took over the public relation work on behalf of the new furnishing house in Munich's South-East at the autobahn junction Brunnthal. The public decision on 13 January, 2002, should favour IKEA.

heller & partner has developed a comprehensive information concept to proactively integrate the public, disperse its prejudices and win the public for the new building. The information campaign started with a press conference. heller & partner's public relations work included establishment of a public office, billboard posters, lobbying, information events, multi-level mailings, house-to-house circulars, TV broadcasts and an own homepage. Thanks to these tools, heller & partner succeeded in changing public opinion, which has been adverse to the new building in the beginning: 65 percent of eligible voters cast their public-decision vote for IKEA.

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